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Home to Happy Hounds and Spoiled Beezers



Ibizan Hound Owner/Breeder Links

Bramblewood Ibizans

Kamar Ibizans

Paradise Ibizans

SunRumba Sighthounds

Tmarras Wire Ibizan Hounds

Aza Hounds

Jakona Ibizans

Runway Ibizan Hounds

BoDean Kennels

Alisian Fields Ibizan Hounds

Special Acres / Raisin'L Ibizan Hounds

DaVinci Ibizan Hounds

Mystickal Kennels (New site)

DaJa'Vue Hounds(Ibizans and Rhodesian Ridgebacks)

Templar Whippets

Serqet Ibizan Hounds

Luna Roja Wire Ibizan Hounds