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Nahala Collars


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Nahala Collars


Limited Slip Collars

Specializing in the limit Slip design for our sighthounds. These collars are a combination of slip collars and quick-release collars. They are adjustable collars designed to tighten around a dog's neck, but to stop tightening before they actually constrict around the neck. They are good for dogs that tend to "slip" their collars.


We have over 100 different fabric chooses with lot of bight/playful prints. Every collar is made with the best metal hardware with a polypropylene core..


Not only are these collars great for sighthounds they are also great for any breed. My Golden Retriever KD would have to agree. LOL






1 wide collars of any size $18.00

2 wide collars of any size $20.00


Shipping for up to 3 collars is $5.00, every additional collar add $1.00



If you are interested in getting a Nahala Collar or have a guestion please E-mail me Alex at




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